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SEO Basics: How Search Engines Works

SEO Basics: How Search Engines Works

If running a small business online or trying to grow a SEO Pakistan firm to help other businesses You need to know some basic knowledge of search engines. I will call those facts the basic knowledge of how search engines works. Yes, it is very important fact to know and also keep it mind that not all search engines uses all the same system to provide search results. But there are some similarities and those are the key general system. Almost all the search engines works with some general system and they are pretty much same for everyone. In this article I will discuss how the search engines works in a nutshell.

What are search engines? Yes this is simple question needs to answer first of all. Search engines are nothing but a software program. This program is like and web application. Once a searcher put a search term or keyword on search engines that software provides a list of website in front of the people.

The whole processes are not a single step. The machine of search engine works in three simple steps. And they work every moment to get themselves up to date. To understand first step of whole listing processes you have to know about the machine. The software search engines use are called Crawler or Spider. Yes they can crawl like spider. The can reach every possible website to access them and include them into their search results. I said possible. Yes. They won’t crawl your website if you do not make it possible for them. The simple thing is you have total right to determine that whither search engines will crawl your site or not. Let me tell you about that power. Every websites root directory has a file called robot.txt, this is a simple text file and you have the power to determine search engines access here.

If you do not want you site to crawl by search engines you have write on the robot.txt file that you are not allowing them to your website. And once search engines looks that your robot.txt files has the welcome message for them they happily enters your database and fetch your websites all information to their machine. The next thing they do is called Indexing. They will take all of your text, images, videos and other elements to index and after indexing they will judge your site that whither your site is good enough to put on top listing or not.

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